Seagate 4tb PS4 hard drive is currently reduced by 18% on Amazon UK!


Most of us won’t shy away from the fact that as gamers, we love to have as many games as we can to give us a good selection of titles to play. With the size of games around today though, it’s quite impossible to store your entire collection of games on the internal hard drive supplied with our consoles. Instead, we store our games in the cloud which sits there until we free up enough space to download them. If this sounds like you, you can currently grab a Seagate 4tb PS4 hard drive from Amazon with a hefty saving on the original price.

Seagate 4tb PS4 hard drive specifics

The Seagate 4tb PS4 hard drive is available right now from Amazon UK retailing at £89.99. This price comes in at the second-best price we’ve ever seen while on sale, and with that amount of storage, you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Bear in mind the size of games like the 90GB + Red Dead Redemption 2 file size last year, and with game detail improving all the time files are likely to get even larger.

We’re at a time where we are nearing the end of the current-gen PS4 before we see what the PS5 has in store, and that has resulted in an abundance of awesome games to add to your library. So if you don’t have a drive already the Seagate 4tb PS4 hard drive is an excellent choice, meaning you won’t have to free up space by deleting old games and content. If your setup needs an extra accessory in 2019, this wouldn’t be a bad decision at all.

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