Amazon DEAL: official 128gb Nintendo Switch SD card for £18 ends today!

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If storage on your Switch console is becoming a bit of an issue for you, then you’ve probably been pondering the idea of a Nintendo Switch SD card to add some extra space for your games and saves. In typical Amazon fashion the retailer has trumped the other big players in the gaming world by offering an official SanDisk 128gb Micro SD to solve all your storage woes. The retailer has smashed the price out of the park by discounting the card from a hefty £41 right down to £17.99, that’s a saving of 56%! In the US the card normally costs $34 but has been cut to just $24.94 (cut by 29%), so either way it’s a great saving.

One of the great things about Nintendo hardware and software is the fact that they have a tendency to keep hold of their retail value, so another way to put it is this price won’t appear anywhere else anytime soon and you’d be lucky to find these cards second-hand for anywhere near this price.

The Nintendo Switch SD card deal is one of several deals on games hardware and software we’ll be sure to see as part of Amazon’s Prime Day deals, but this one will end at Midnight tonight (july 8th) so you’ll have to act fast if you want to secure it!

Nintendo Switch SD card – why do I need one?

Usually you’ll have a general feel for requiring a Nintendo Switch SD card as you’ll try to install a new game and will receive a prompt stating your storage is full, and you’ll need to clear space as a result. The current-gen Switch only comes with a measly 32gb of storage built in, and with the size of game install files today that’s not a lot of space (when you consider Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox one was 99gb!). Adding in the fact that DLC is a big part of games today, the Nintendo Switch SD card certainly serves its purpose. The 128gb card adds to the existing 32gb so you’ll have a total of 160gb storage, perfect for Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

If the Nintendo Switch SD card on Amazon sounds like something your gaming life needs, you’d better act fast!

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