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Black Friday: 128GB SD card for Switch for £17.99 Tick Tock!

128gb sd card for switch

Let’s be honest, the Nintendo Switch has been pretty flawless since launch. If I were asked to come up with one improvement for the current-gen Switch it would be to increase it’s internal storage capacity, being that it currently ships with just 32GB of internal storage. To take the edge off the frustrating situation of running out of space, Amazon currently has a 128GB SD card for Switch going for a generous £17.99.

128GB SD card for Switch price drop won’t last long

As the 128GB SD card for Switch deal is a Lightning Deal on Amazon this means when they’re gone they’re gone. So if you find yourself running out of storage space for your games and saves then this might just be the typ[e of deal you need to take advantage of. The card itself is officially licensed by |Nintendo meaning it was made for the Nintendo Switch. It’s simply a case of inserting the card into your console and you’ll have four times the built-in storage space for less than £20.

There are of course other options available if you’re after a different and cheaper option for a 128GB SD card for Switch. Although we reckon there’s something to be said about having an officially licensed card to go with your Switch while you play games like Super Mario Odyssey or Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Considering it’s not long now for the launch of Animal Crossing, there’s no better time to ensure you have enough free space to support the game and download it on release day. And to go over this once more, this is a Lightning Deal, once stock its gone, the deal is finished.

128 GB SD card for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licensed by Nintendo) | £17.99 at Amazon

256 GB SD card for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licensed by Nintendo) | £42.99 at Amazon
If you’re not sure 128GB is going to be enough then you can opt for double the storage, although the price will be doubled as well to match.

64 GB SD card for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licensed by Nintendo) | £10.99 at Amazon
For the Zelda fans out there, this card doubles your internal Switch storage but also comes with a great looking card to truly conquer Hyrule.

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