5 console games that we want to see in VR

With the launch of the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift (and Rift Touch), the PSVR, and the Hololens on it’s way, I’m sure it’s not just me that has thought about certain console-only games that would provide an amazing experience in VR.

In a world where most VR games seem to be horror related (which I’m not condemning), I thought it’d be great to put together a list of console games I’d love to see brought to life in virtual reality.

1. Zelda VR

With the huge success of Breath of The Wild on the Nintendo Switch, it’d be great to switch things up a little (excuse the pun), and bring Zelda into the VR world.

This could be an overhead type play style or potentially a first person (although third person would be my preference), I mean imagine walking the steps of Hyrule as Link, wielding your sword and meeting the various characters.

SSG wishes: If one day we see Zelda coming to VR, implementing a mirror where you can see yourself as Link and performing various tasks would be great. The Legend of Zelda and The Cursed mirrors? Any takers?

2. Fight Night VR

If you’re anything like me, landing the famous Haymaker in a boxing fight on Fight Night: Round 4 (which was my favourite) was the best feeling ever. I realise there have been attempts like the boxing in Kinect Sports for the Kinect, but I think it’s about time for something a little more realistic.

SSG wishes:  Should this game ever become a reality, one feature we would love to see would be the ability to peel yourself off the canvas after getting knocked down with the feeling of actually being dazed after receiving that special punch.

3. Tomb Raider VR

Any cave diving enthusiast will have followed the many adventures of Lara Croft through the various Tomb Raider games in the franchise, although games have been more feature-rich with each release over the years, why not outshine the likes of Indiana jones by launching a VR version of the game.

Although typically Tomb Raider has a third person play style and you might be wondering how this could work, take Batman Arkham VR as an example and look at how awesome that turned out, considering the Arkham games are all third person.

SSG wishes: Thinking of developing this game? Do us a favour – make use of VR headset microphones in scenes where you have to swim through water (we all love to blow a few bubbles).

4. Metal Gear Solid VR

As a massive Metal Gear fan, for me personally I’d be happy to see a game that focused on VR missions if a whole new Metal Gear story was a bit too much of a hefty task.

The game could focus on various missions from across the Metal Gear franchise, using things like the carboard box to crouch and creep around to avoid enemies with.

SSG wishes: Please Konami, if you’re going to do this, can we see a VR boss battle mode? How awesome would it be to fight the likes of Psycho Mantis or Sniper wolf in VR!

5. Pokemon VR

We’ve gone from the likes of 2D Pokemon Blue, to the 3D world of games like Pokemon Sun and Moon, they did one better with augmented Reality with Pokemon Go, but surely it’s time to get Pokemon into the world of VR.

Walking through grass in VR, exploring caves, and even facing off with a Gyarados while out at sea could be just some of the features this game could boast.

SSG wishes: Being able to physically throw Pokeballs and carry your beloved Pikachu to a Pokemon centre would be epic.


Are there any games you’d love to see in VR? Let us know!

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