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A Massive PS4 6.0 Update Is Imminent – And Sony Needs YOU To Test It

ps4 6.0 update

PS4 players haven’t seen much in the way of firmware updates since the 5.50 patch launched back in March, the PS4 6.0 update however is set to be a whole different ball game. Due to the update offering some pretty hefty new features, Sony wants players to help beta test it to get their initial thoughts on the new improvements.

How and when can you sign up?

The good news is that you’ll have from now until July 27th to be placed into the consideration pool for the beta testing, the bad news for some is that you’ll need to either have a PS Plus or PS Now subscription to qualify for the testing.

Its not a definitive yes that when you sign up you’ll be accepted, if you are one of the chosen players you’ll get access to all of the new features in return for providing feedback to Sony on what you like or dislike along with any issues you encounter.

To be considered for the programme its pretty straightforward, all you have to do is enter your PSN tag on PlayStation’s Signup page and you’ll be entered into the pool.

The PS4 6.0 update programme is going to be open to Europe, North America, and Japan – yes signups are now open to all players that meet the requirements.

What features are going to be added to the PS4 6.0 update?

In a nutshell… we don’t have the answer to that one yet, Sony have kept that under wraps for the moment – rest assured as soon as we know we’ll update this article with further details.

Within the update released in March (5.50) we saw the ability for PlayStation owners to import their own wallpapers using a USB drive, parental control features were added to give parents the ability to have more control over what their children could see, play, and watch while using their console.

We also had some minor changes to the notifications that players would see when logging in and a few menu adjustments – needless to say though 6.0 looks to offer some pretty big changes.

Let us know if you’re one of the lucky ones who manage to get onto the programme!

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