Are We Going To See A New Star Fox Game? Whispers Suggest We Might

It’s rapidly becoming common knowledge that a new Star Fox racing spin-off might be in the works following leaked info from Nintendo’s Retro Studios, I for one would be in the queue for a release in the foreseeable future.

If its online it must be true? hopefully…

There were a few slips that made their way onto both Reddit forums and 4chan, and have since been a discussion point on various blogs and gaming forums – keep those fingers crossed!

The problem being, can we trust the unreliable sources of hearsay on a range of gaming forum sites. Yes it may sound unlikely the Retro Studios are going to make a Star Fox spin-off, but pump the brakes on that scepticism for now. The rumour suggests that the announcement was made by a Reddit user named DasVergeben, the user made a comparison to being like the titles F-Zero and the memorable Diddy Kong Racing for N64.

The Nintendo Fan community have speculated that should Star Fox be coming back to our screens the game would be called Star Fox Grand Prix, with a release date of 2019, and would feature an open-world style hub much like that of Diddy Kong racing.

Do ensure you take this with a pinch of salt though, the user is unknown and nothing can be confirmed at this stage.

Remember Star Fox for Wii?

The last time we saw Star fox was back on the Wii in 2016, so to be fair by 2019 he’d be due for another appearance. Only time will tell I guess.

Let’s just say if the rumours turn out to be authentic then Retro Studios, the makers of the recently released donkey Kong: Tropicalk Freeeze, are the team that can make this happen.

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