Batman Arkham VR Review PSVR

Do you know what the biggest issue with the PlayStation VR is if you don’t already have one? It’s the fact that there’s nowhere (at present) to actually try the device out – that is, unless you have a friend who already has one.

Fortunately for me, a friend of mine purchased one and offered for me to come round and take the PS VR for a spin. Needless to say, I was sold within minutes of putting it on my head…

Enough about the hardware – let’s talk Batman!

The feedback I had received from friends was that Batman Arkham VR was a great game, but it was pretty short in terms of completion time – so basically not to pay the £39.99 price tag and to download it from the PlayStation Store for nearer £15.

I played this game at a friend’s house for around 10 minutes, but already knowing I was going to get this for myself I decided to save the gameplay for when I got my own copy.

Once you have calibrated the headset and motion controllers you start the game in front of a piano in Wayne Manor, you can move Bruce’s hands to pick up a nearby phone and grab a key from Alfred when he arrives. I really can’t say much more unless I give the gameplay away, but as you can imagine, suiting up from Bruce into The Dark Knight is going to be pretty awesome if you are in control.

His Gauntlets and Cowl are only the beginning of becoming a fully equipped vigilante. When the time comes for you to equip your utility belt with Batarangs, the Bat Claw, and a forensic scanner, you’ll instantly be hooked into wanting to play through the entire game.

Be prepared to be scared

Others had warned me that this game isn’t for the faint-hearted in terms of gameplay that makes you leap out of your skin, and for the majority of the game I was expecting to need a change of underwear, with no real scares.

I won’t give anything away as this article is aimed at being spoiler free, but as you progress through the game – let’s just say things escalate very quickly. Think how Batman Arkham Knight ended and you’ll get some idea of what I mean.

When you think you’re finished…

Okay, so the main story can be completed within a mere 2-3 hours and you might think that’s it, but like the other Batman Arkham titles you still have plenty of other tasks to say the game is 100% finished.

Riddler tokens/trophies are hidden throughout the various chapters of the game, so it gives you a good reason to go back and revisit the various Arkham areas.

Still want more? If like me you’re a trophy/achievement whore, then you’ll most certainly want to visit the trophies list and gather the bronze, silver, and gold trophies to be able to boast a full completion status.

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