5 Best Minecraft Building YouTube Channels

Zaypixel Wizard Tower
By Zaypixel

There are tons of Minecraft YouTube channels to be a fan of whether it’s to watch survival gameplay, mods, speed runs, or crazy challenges. But for this list, we will be going over some of the best building channels for inspiration, tutorials, and tips to become the best builder you can.

5. Jeracraft

Minecraft medieval bridge and city

By Jeracraft

Jeracraft has been making massive Minecraft builds since 2012! He has videos on epic transformations, the making of huge worlds, and some big tutorials. One of his most profound projects is his 7-year long Kingdoms of Greymane build which consists of shipyards, castles, waterfalls, and so much more. His channel is a must-watch if you love large medieval builds.

4. BlueNerd Minecraft

BlueNerd is a great channel for learning about building tips and tricks and for tons of tutorials. He focuses mainly on complex houses and buildings while still making it simple to follow along. One of his most popular videos is on 30 Garden Build Ideas and Hacks.

3. TrixyBlox

Minecraft medieval tower and dragons

By TrixyBlox

TrixyBlox is an amazing Minecraft builder with tons of timelapse and transformation videos starting back 7 years ago. His builds have an insane amount of detail from his own works to recreations from popular TV and movie scenes. This channel is great for watching and learning about the process of constructing large pieces with intricate designs.

2. ZayPixel

ZayPixel is a new channel with wonderful little tutorials you can easily follow along with. Each video has its own cinematic, list of materials, and step-by-step instructions. What makes this channel unique is how many of the builds are created in survival so you can easily create them in your own world. If you’re not planning on building, they can still be relaxing to see how the final product unfolds.

1. Grian

Grian is a very popular Minecraft channel with over 6 million subscribers. He has tons of different building videos for anyone to enjoy whether it’s tutorials, transformations, tips, and much more. He specializes in buildings and houses and even has a Build School playlist to really help you learn how to become a better builder. One of his main productions is his Hermitcraft videos where he’s joined in on a server full of other YouTubers.

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