Ghost Recon Wildlands 2 Possibly Being Revealed By Ubisoft This Week


As usual the guys over at Ubisoft are ahead of the game, ready to announce their next big title. Considering we’re only a month away from E3 2019 it’s surprising this reveal is happening so early, but with what we know it could be pointing to a Ghost Recon Wildlands 2 announce.

How is the (potential) Ghost Recon Wildlands 2 being announced?

Gamers and viewers alike can chime in on the action in just a couple of days time on Thursday May 9th at 7:30 PM GMT. For those in Eastern time that’s 2:30 PM and Pacific time will be 11:30 AM. The possible reveal of Ghost Recon Wildlands 2 is going to be during an exclusive live stream which is set to be broadcast on both the Ubisoft YouTube and Twitch platforms.

Why could we be looking at a Ghost Recon Wildlands 2?

As per the Tweet below on Ubisoft’s Twitter stream, it pretty much gives it away without question that it’s a ‘Ghost Recon’ title, so we’ll have to wait a little longer for a watch Dogs 3 game for the moment.

The first instalment of Ghost recon Wildlands was a big hit with those who played it, still owning a strong player base since it released back in 2017. taking it’s success into consideration, we’re betting our money on the it being a sequel with something along the lines of ghost Recon Wildlands 2.

What is quite interesting however is the existence of a site called Skell Technology which shows us some pretty hefty tech such as mechanical arms, solar panels and a city with Skell network coverage. Check out the teaser trailer below which emerged in December last year portraying drones owning the Skell Technology badges.

Decide for yourself whether you reckon we’ll see a Ghost Recon Wildlands 2 reveal, or perhaps something entirely different. One thing is for sure,m there’s not long to wait to find out!

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