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Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer shows off levelling up, claptrap and combat

We’re at a stage in time where the devs behind Borderlands 3 don’t need to sell us the game anymore, most of us are already onboard to buy it or have placed a preorder. There’s just over a month until the game arrives on September 13th and until that arrives we’ll have to drool over the new Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer and any others that emerge.

Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer in detail

IGN has kindly given us the first glimpse of the Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer with a steady 14-minute duration of watchable content. The trailer shows off the first episode of the game and seems to be set following the cinematic trailer that had also been teased.

See what you make of the Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer here, but be warned that Claptrap won’t take forever before making you want to pull your hair out. It’ll be clear what we are talking about after you’ve watched it.

Check out the footage below, and keep a mental timer going in your head to count how long it takes before Claptrap starts to drive you insane. I made it to the 2:47 mark, when he starts… well, you’ll see.

Towards the end of the Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer is where Lillith the Vault hunter from the first Borderlands game making an appearance. Following Borderlands 2’s recent DLC arrival she’s now the Crimson Raider Leader, let’s see how this pans out nearer the Borderlands 3 release.

There will surely be a lot more happening in the run up the Borderlands 3 releasing next month, so keep your eyes on Star Struck Gaming for more updates.

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