Xbox one S All Digital Pre Order Pages Officially Open

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The reality of life becoming truly digital has taken a step forward with the Xbox one S All Digital pre order  pages coming to life from today. As we previously reported, the Xbox One Disc-less console is set to release in less than two weeks on May 7th.

Xbox one S All Digital Pre Order – what you’ll be getting

As per the name, this console is set to be completely digital meaning it won’t come equipped with an optical drive – and you’ll need to download your games direct from the Xbox/Microsoft store on your console. Before you put through an Xbox one S All Digital Pre Order you’ll want to ensure you have a pretty reliable and decent speed internet connection, especially if you grab the console on day one. You can grab the console which will come boxed with a white controller and the standard stuff like cables that you’d expect with other Xbox One models. Amazon are taking Xbox one S All Digital Pre Order purchases already and with this edition not having a drive, you can pre-order at a price of £199.99. This is well over £100 cheaper than the current Xbox One X, so it’s not a bad saving for first-time adopters.

The body of the Xbox One S All Digital Edition looks rather sleek in white, especially not adopting the disc drive.

For your purchase you’ll also receive Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves in addition to Minecraft completely free as standard and fitting nicely onto a 1tb hard drive. Why they’ve gone with Forza 3 rather than Forza Horizon 4 is anyone’s guess – but who’s to argue.

If you’ve had enough to of having to change your disc as often as we do, then an Xbox one S All Digital pre order isn’t a bad choice. At least it’ll keep you going until the next-gen Xbox arrives some point in 2020 (that’s a guess at the moment of course).

If you remember when consoles like the PS3 Slim and the Xbox 360 Slim launched, you’ll recall that the only aspect they actually reduced in size was it’s form factor. The guys at Microsoft HQ have taken this one step further by keeping the same size dimensions, but instead removing a core piece of hardware – the optical drive. Users of Xbox Game Pass which makes each first-party game available op the day they launch, adopting an Xbox one S All Digital Pre Order could actually make a lot of sense.

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