PlayStation Plus February 2019 Includes For Honor & Hitman – Free Now!

PlayStation Plus February 2019

Not only has the news arisen that all PlayStation Plus subscribers now have 100GB cloud storage as standard, but the PlayStation Plus February 2019 lineup has also been revealed.

Prior to diving in to which games are included as part of PlayStation Plus February 2019, the 100GB  cloud storage addition is also being made available as of next month. Game saves and character profile on the same system will continue to be uploaded into your existing storage. In other words, 100GB will take a while to fill if its mainly for your saves!

Anyway, without delaying any further lets talk about the PlayStation Plus February 2019 games list.

First up is Hitman: The first season. For those who’ve never played any of the Hitman titles, this will be something pretty special. You’ll take the lead as Agent 47, an assassin not to be messed with. You’ll scour the globe, get assigned a target and how you take them down is going to be up to you to decide. Go in with guns blazing or tackle the target a slightly less conventional way!

The second big title on next months list is Ubisoft’s melee hack and slash title – For Honor. You will need to select between a Viking, Samurai, or Knight sanction type in order to explore the true depths of a chaotic war. It’ll be up to you to find the sanction that works best for you, and with a hefty 20 PVP maps to scour you’re sure to find your quest an entertaining one.

Also added on the PlayStation Plus February 2019 list:


Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)

PS Vita

Divekick – PS3 and PS Vita

Gunhouse – PS4 and PS Vita

Rogue Aces PS4 and PS Vita

You will be able to download the PlayStation Plus February 2019 games that little bit longer next month, meaning you’ll have until March 5th to get your PS4 games and March 8th for PS3 and Vita. Remember it’s not too late to grab January’s PS Plus titles!

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