PlayStation Plus free games July 2019

If going outside and sweating in this hot (and often colder) weather then the PlayStation Plus free games July 2019 lineup will certainly appeal to you, especially if you prefer watching sports than actually participating in exercise!

You’ll be able to get your hands on the PlayStation Plus free games July 2019 lineup from July 2nd, and if racing is more your thing than sports then PlayStation have something in store for you too.

What are the PlayStation Plus free games July 2019?

Okay this is what you’re here for, remember OutRun – the retro racer that we saw on SEGA consoles as well as in every arcade you’ve every visited? Well the PlayStation Plus free games July 2019 lineup includes Horizon Chase Turbo, essentially a modernised version of the arcade classic, but with much more attractive visuals and sounds we’re used to from the original. The second game on our list is PES 2019, which is the latest instalment of the soccer simulator from Metal Gear creators Konami. It may not be perhaps as popular than FIFA, especially when FIFA 20 is on the horizon, but it’s certainly a good fir for footy fans being that it’s free.

You’ll have until August 5th to download both of the PlayStation Plus free games July 2019, and remember you only have to checkout with the games and don’t actually have to download them to keep them. Make sure you claim your June 2019 PS Plus games if you haven’t already, you’ll only have until July 2nd.

If you were around in the days of 3D retro racing games making their debut, you’ll certainly love Horizon Chase Turbo. The game takes the core high-speed racing mechanics from the older generation and turns them into something that still looks and feels like OutRun. By no means is it the same game as the original, but it definitely rekindles a nostalgic flame we all need in our lives now and then.

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