Black Widow Movie plot leak shows film may be set prior to Infinity War


With the fate of Black Widow undeniably decided in Avengers: Endgame it suffices to say the Black Widow movie will follow the lines of a prequel. With that in mind the movie will almost certainly follow the path of an origin story of Natasha Romanoff’s life before she joined the dream team squad of superheroes – at least that’s what we thought before this Black Widow Movie plot leak.

It’s seeming  less likely that the movie is going to follow the origin path, and instead make an appearance in the thick of the MCU timeline within phase 3. Fortunately a new leak has just surfaced of a production still which shows Scarlett Johansson filming part of the Black Widow movie, in a BMW Series 5 Touring Wagon with it’s roof down. The leak appeared in a Tweet from a Portuguese Twitter account by the name of Nacao Marvel.

Bear with us! Unless there’s been a massive production error, the aforementioned BMW was launched back in 2017 which would see the Black Widow Movie being set a while after Captain America: Civil War released in 2016 but prior to the 2018 launch of Avengers: Infinity War.

Unless you’re a hard core MCU fan then understanding the MCU time periods is no easy task, what is quite simple is that the movie years above are correct. Two years after the events of Civil War Cap states that he’s been on the run which affirms the above.

It doesn’t seem like this potential Black Widow Movie plot leak is going to walk in the similar footsteps of Captain Marvel’s origins back to the nineties, but it could be a more subtle approach as a farewell to Natasha.

If this Black Widow Movie plot leak dating the time of 2017 bears any truth, it would be refreshing to see and perhaps could be a better way to ease in any Black Widow stand-ins that could appear in the future.

Before you ask, we’re itching as much as you for a release date!

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