You can currently grab Days of Play PS4 Console for sale at £223 on EBay


If you’re a PS$ player and tuned into E3 2019 then you’ll now doubt have seen some of the awesome discounts on offer across PS4 games and hardware. With the event seeming like a distant memory we’re now looking forward to the E3 2019 games that were announced, although the Days of Play deals haven’t quite ended. The AO EBay store currently has the Days of Play PS4 Console for sale, and it’s not a bad price either considering it’s a sleek limited-edition version of the console.

How to get the Days of Play PS4 Console for sale price

Time is certainly of the essence as a total of 73 units have been sold on the listing (at the time of writing), and the page on EBay states they only have a limited quantity available. To get the Days of Play PS4 Console for sale price of just £223, that’s a discounted price from the normal price of £280, you need to use a discount code. When you head to the checkout you’ll want to enter PURE20 as the voucher code which should see the price drop to the price above.

It won’t be long until this bargain expires (although there’s no date when this could be), so if you’re pondering the idea of grabbing it you’d better act fast! If this isn’t for you however the Amazon Prime Day deals will be coming up next month, so it’s not a bad idea to start saving the cash.

Fortunately the Days of Play PS4 Console for sale code isn’t the only got deal going on AO’s website, the sale currently on is through the whole site so you can use that same code for any purchase above £25. So take a Nintendo Switch Console with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’ll be reduced by £75 less than it’s usual price down to £295.

Just remember, so long as you’re applying the PROMO20 discount code you’ll get your money off for the limited time only.

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