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Fortnite world Cup 2019 See’s Epic Competition Offering $100M Prize Pot


If you think you’re pretty bad-ass at Fortnite, good news (or cash) could be on the horizon. A $100 Million prize pot is going to be up for grabs as part of the Fortnite World Cup 2019.

How the Fortnite world Cup 2019 will work

Epic games has confirmedĀ that there will be a set of ten online open qualifiers each week beginning on April 13th and finishing June 16th.

Every week there will be a &1 Million prize for players to get have a shot at winning.

After the qualifiers finish up the worlds best 100 single players in addition to the 50 best doubles teams will fight it out in the Fortnite world Cup 2019 finals. The finals will be held July 26th – July 28th in New York and the prize pool will be $30 Million.

Every player will be guaranteed a prize of a minimum of $50,000 with the Fortnite World Cup 2019 singles winner being handed the largest ever esports cash prize of $3 Million.

It has also been confirmed by Epic that $1 Million weekly cash tournaments will be awarded through the remainder of 2019. “select partners” globally are also set to gain tournament tools and money according to Epic.

To put everything into perspective; playing competitively in Fortnite through 2019 means players can get a share of $100 Million, this figure is equivalent to what Epic wagered during Fortnite’s year one of competitive gameplay. When compared to that of Dota 2 international’s prize pool last year at $25.5 Million, the Fortnite world Cup 2019 looks a lot more tasty.

Even with rival Apex Legends coming onto the scene it seems Epic have no concerns about spilling their wallet for competitive tournaments – meaning there’s a decent amount of Fortnite players going to be raking it in.

Are you good enough to win the Fortnite world Cup 2019?

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