Gaming PC Vs. Console: Which One You Should Go For?

Gaming PC Vs. Console

There has been an ongoing battle between PC gamers and console gamers. Considering the merits, each of them has a number of fans who continuously swear on their choice of gaming apparatus.

While the battle goes on, it can be really challenging for a new gamer to choose between a console or gaming PC. While each of them will let you enjoy gaming at its fullest, you can even game if you have none of them.

Based on your game choice, budget, and playing position, you can choose from either a gaming PC or a console. However, at the end of the day, it’s all about your personal preferences.

This article looks into some of the key differences between a console and a gaming PC, which will help you to purchase the one suitable for you.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Between Gaming PC VS. Console

Both PCs and consoles will offer you a number of popular titles from the gaming world. However, if you’re new at gaming, the following factors will help you get the best device.


Choosing between a console and a gaming PC depends a lot on your initial budget. Buying a gaming PC that offers you a number of modern games will inevitably cost you around $1000. If you’re willing to pay that much, you can go for one.

If your budget isn’t that high, but you still want to play some of the high-quality games, then you can buy a console. However, if you need a PC for other work, buying a console for gaming will be an extra cost.

Although expensive, having a powerful gaming PC has its benefits. You can do your personal work, check your email, and watch Netflix while playing games. If you are still concerned about the price, you can choose a cheaper but better one from this top 5 gaming PC bundle

Choice of Games

This is another major factor that should be considered before you go for a PC or console. If you are new at gaming and don’t care much about the popular titles, you can go for a gaming PC.

However, if you don’t want to miss out on the exclusive titles such as Uncharted, God of War, Spider-Man, The Last of Us, and Bloodborne, you must buy a good console like PS4. 

However, things aren’t that complicated with the Xbox. Both Windows and Xbox are owned by Microsoft, and you will find a number of games released for both.

Some of the great PC games like strategy game Divinity: Original Sin II, survival game Rust, and open-world survival game SCUM aren’t available on a console. However, buying a PS4 will give you the best single-player experience.

Graphics & Performance

If you want to play the game using ultra graphics and crisp frame rate, nothing can beat a good gaming PC. You will never experience such performance on a gaming console.

However, to get that experience, you need to pay more than $1000 on your PC. If you want top-quality graphics and performance, you will have to pay around $1500 to $2000.

You can also get a gaming PC on a medium budget ($400-$800). It will still offer you great quality graphics, which a console can’t.

You will also need to buy a monitor with high-resolution and good frame rate, which will cost you more money. However, if you’re a hardcore gamer, playing that much will be reasonable.

Single or Multiplayer

You can go for anything from a console or a gaming PC if you’re a single-player game fan. However, if you’re into multiplayer games, then playing on a console will be quite expensive for you.

You have to sign up for the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live services if you want to play a multiplayer game on the console. While a console is much cheaper than a gaming PC, you need to pay a good amount of money to get that social experience.

On the other hand, you don’t have to pay anything to play online games on a PC. So, instead of spending money on the premium service of a console, you can spend them on a good graphics card for your PC.

Mods for Games

This is a great option for the tech-savvy gamers which is not available on a console. You can download “mods” or “modifications” and add them to your PC game for added content and improved graphics.

For instance, if you’re playing “GTA V,” you can add some mods to make the game look better than it usually does. There are also mods that let you add customized weapons.

One of the popular mods in this game was “exploding Galaxy Note 7,” where you can use a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a bomb.

How You Play

The way you play totally defines which device you should go for. If you prefer switching between a mouse and keyboard, then console gaming is not for you.

Gaming PC Vs. Console pads

For some first-person-shooter games, it’s easier to take control with accuracy using a mouse and keyboard, but if you try to play this game using a joystick on a console, aiming might feel a bit sluggish.

However, you can play on both PC and console if you choose to play using a controller.

Your Sitting Position

You may not find it important, but you should choose your device based on your sitting position. Playing on a gaming pc requires you to sitting up on your desk, whereas console lets you play from the comfort of your couch.

However, if you still want comfort while playing a game on pc, you can buy the necessary accessories for it.

Final Thoughts

For any hardcore gamers, investing a huge amount of money on a high-quality gaming PC is quite logical and worth the money. However, if you’re new at gaming, buying a good console will give you a good experience on a budget.

However, if you are comfortable with PC gaming, you better start with the streaming service on your current PC. Once you become an expert and start thinking seriously about your gaming hobby, you can start investing in a good gaming PC.

So who is the clear winner of the Gaming PC Vs. Console debate? The answer is, there isn’t one as it comes down to personal preference.

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