Get CoD Black Ops 4 Free With Cod And Chips Today With Uber Eats

There's salmon going on here

CoD Black Ops 4 free with cod and chips

Thank cod it’s friday! Nothing says Friday like fish and chips, especially when that fish and chips comes with a brand new game that’s only just been released – get Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 free.

What’s the jellied eel?

To celebrate the new release of Black Ops 4, Uber Eats have teamed up with fish and chips perfectionist Harry Ramsden’s to provide lucky customers with a copy of Call Of Duty: Black ops 4 when they order cod and chips. Specifically you’ll have to place an order for the £7.99 size cod and chips through Uber Eats to be eligible.

Pick the bones out of that one

This promotion is going to be open to some of Harry Ramsden’s larger stores only such as Birmingham and London Victoria. Keep in mind that if you do order via one of the eligible stores that it’s only “while stocks last”, meaning once they’re gone they’re gone.

The  Cod you receive (not the fish, you’ll actually be able to eat that) will be a digital download and not the physical disc of the game. But for £7.99 hey who’s complaining – no such thing as a free lunch (or chart-topping game).

So you know – there are other dishes available with different games when ordering via Uber Eats, but with Black Ops 4 only releasing today this fishy deal is a bit of a steal.

If you didn’t manage to get Get CoD Black Ops 4 free you can still buy the game from Amazon

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