PS5 beta testing announced for 2020

ps5 beta testing confirmed
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Mark Cerny, the lead member of architectural design for Playstation stated that we should expect PS5 beta testing for games before the end of this year.

Mark Cerny told us that game betas for the new console are expected to be released before the end of the year on the “Road To PS5” Livestream. Here he also revealed that the PS5 is planned to “Launch near year-end”.

PS5 beta testing: what’s involved?

Already we’ve been given insight into some of the new PS5 games over the last year. But although we’re in the dark about what few of these titles are due for beta release this year, we’re already certain we’ll get to have a peek at some of these games during the 2020 holiday. One of these could very well be a PlayStation exclusive called Godfall. This new creation by Gearbox is said to be a third-person “loot-slasher”, a game which relies on the concept of both solo and cooperative gameplay.

That’s not the only potential game we know of though. This 2020 holiday we expect to see the release of “Outriders”, a new game from People Can Fly of Bulletstorm fame, published by Square Enix themselves. The game is based on the story of the final living humans against the threat of evil alien predators.

Aside from these solo games, we could be expecting some multiplayer online games too. For example the new Horror game spin on Rainbow Six Siege, “Rainbow Six Quarantine” made by Ubisoft Studios.

Following these talks, Cerny also mentioned Ray-Tracing technology being used in games, although it’s not entirely clear whether these are games that are specifically PS5 Games or if these are newly PS5 optimised games.

Mark Cerny also made a passing statement about the new loading screens on the PS5 console and also how the new console has highly reduced copying delays. He goes on suggesting how likely it will be that there will no longer be patches, updates and downloads as we are familiar with today.

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