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Epic Store GTA 5 freebie has taken down entire site

Players have been counting down the minutes following the leak of an Epic Store GTA 5 release, offering players the chance to download and keep the game forever. Epic Store GTA 5, what’s the hyp...[Read More]

GTA Online lucky wheel glitch

GTA Online lucky wheel glitch: a shortcut to the best prizes

Got your eye on that Lost slamvan or that new podium car? We’ll show you a way to get whatever you want from that wheel in less than 5 minutes with no effort at all and with no luck required using the...[Read More]


GTA Online Casino release date revealed: here’s when it’ll open its doors

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll surely have heard the news about the GTA Online Vinewood casino, which in a nutshell is set to open its doors for players to splash their GTA ...[Read More]


GTA Online Diamond Casino opening soon, & horse racing could be added

After seeing the tease surrounding the fact that the GTA Online Diamond Casino could finally be opening its doors, we’ve finally had something more concrete confirming the news to be true from R...[Read More]