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Here’s How To Unlock The Iron Spider Suit In Spiderman PS4

iron spider suit spiderman ps4

One of the greatest traits for the hardcore Marvel fans out there (and even the less hardcore groupies) is the fact that the Marvel’s Spiderman PS4 title that released today has a few tie-ins with the Avengers Infinity War movie. Specifically for the purpose of this article we’re going to be looking at the Avengers Infinity War suit that spiderman got handed by Tony Stark in the movie, for those who haven’t seen the movie we’re talking about the Iron Spider Suit.

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The Iron Spider suit packs a punch

In case you’re not already aware, Marvel’s Spiderman on PS4 offers the ability to use many different suits throughout the game, each with it’s own abilities and features. The Iron Spider suit however is one of the most visually impressive suits that you’ll encounter in the game, and we can answer one question that’s on everyone’s mind; will it sprout legs like the suit Peter Parker wore in the movie? Drum roll…. yep the Avengers Infinity War suit is set to be a mirror image of the one shown in the movie.

When you jump into the Iron Spider suit your four legs will automatically extend from your back adding some real extra strength to your usual attacks. You’ll easily smash through the annoying brutes along with enemies that you’d normally struggle with holding shields

The suit’s iron arms ability will come in really handy when you’re surrounded by a group of enemies, allowing you to attack several enemies at once regardless of what type they are. Pretty cool huh?

That’s fine and dandy, but how do i get the suit?

Of course, that’s what you came here for. When you progress to around 30% of the game’s overall completion you’ll find that the Iron Spider suit appears as number 17 among the total suit list within the game.

As a first point of action though you’ll need to ensure you reach level 31 before you even come close to unlocking the suit.

You will need to ensure you’ve collected three of the game’s base tokens, four crime tokens and not forgetting to get three of the challenge tokens as well.

After you meet the above unlock requirements the Iron Spider suit will be readily available for you to enjoy at your own leisure.

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