A FREE Mario Battle Royale game sees 100 players battling to save Peach


Looks like the latest victim to catch the Battle Royale bug is the busy Dr. and plumber Mario, coming this time in the from of a Mario Battle Royale game you can play for free with your browser (I said browser not Bowser). Unlike anything we’ve seen before with a Mario title, 100 players are plotted against one another to compete for first place from the original title on the NES.

Mario Battle Royale game – the lowdown

Using a patreon page stating that “unfunny videos and bad games” are what developer and YouTube user InfoernoPlus are good at, and that Mario Royale has been put together using HTML5. The Mario Battle Royale game is essentially built from the original NES classic, and the good news is you can give it a whirl right away via the InfernoPlus link.

If you can picture sprinting through a level alongside 99 other Mario’s racing against you, you’ll be pretty close to knowing what the Mario Battle Royale game is about. It has to be said that lag isn’t an option, it really exists here, but in all honesty that won’t stop me competing for first place!

When the game released just a few days ago on June 15th, Inferno said in a launch video “I have some bad news, I have taken one of the most beloved, classic games of all time and turned it into a battle royale,” and “What I have done is a true sin.”

The Mario Battle Royale game is set to run on the majority of up to date browsers, and I can personally confirm Firefox works perfectly. Additionally the game offers controller support so you’ll be able to wire in an Xbox One controller should you wish.

If you’re the competitive type you’ll be pleased to know that although you can’t jump on other players, you can break block from under them and fire Koopa shells too. Inferno states “It’s basically identical to the original game, but with an extra 98 morons running around and stealing your power ups,” and that “The core design of Mario Royale is that players don’t interact directly with each other but interact with each other through the game world itself.”

Although the Mario Battle Royale game has only been out a few days, you won’t be short on other players to face up against as it’s already increasingly popularĀ  – not bad considering it’s free from the off.

This comes just after news of a Dr. Mario World release date has been confirmed for Nintendo’s new mobile game. Plenty going on for the guys behind the moustached man in the red cap!

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