Pokemon Sword and Shield sd card corrupted? Here’s how to fix it

pokemon sword and shield sd card corrupted

Although it released just last week, players are already facing an issue with seeing Pokemon Sword and Shield SD card corrupted. The new starters are great, with players scouring the new Galar Region in an effort to fill their shiny new Pokedex, but with complaints about lost data and Twitter and Reddit its leaving players pretty concerned.

Pokemon Sword and Shield sd card corrupted causes and fixes

The Pokemon Sword and Shield sd card corrupted issues are not only affecting the new Pokemon game for Switch by crashing the game when saving, but there have been reports it’s even erasing the entire contents of data stored on their Switch SD card. Fortunately, the issue of it wiping the entire SD card content appears to just be hearsay with no confirmed reports.

Switch Hacking enthusiast and Dataminer SciresM reckons the problems causing the crash are related to the way we have our Nintendo Switch SD cards formatted. To rectify the problem, gamers are advised to format their SD cards in a particular way, the Pokemon Sword and Shield sd card corrupted issues are caused by SD cards being formatted to exFAT according to SciresM. The fix to avoid the crashing problem is to make sure your SD card is in the FAT32 file format. Check out this guide from Dash Cam Bros which explains how to safely (and correctly) format your Switch SD card. Star Struck Gaming hint*** always save your game and turn off your Nintendo Switch before removing any SD cards from the console to avoid data loss.

There’s no exact rationale behind the Pokemon Sword and Shield crashing problems just yet, “Could be bad game access patterns, or could be concurrency with accesses to read game data, or a bunch of other stuff. Not much evidence pointing to the cause,” according to the SciresM.

Until Nintendo announces something more concrete the main things to remember are that its mainly affecting the Pokemon Sword and Shield versions that have been purchased digitally via the Nintendo eShop. Those whose SD cards are in the exFAT file format are at risk of experiencing data loss, so if you’re using FAT32 you shouldn’t need to worry. It’s only data loss that applies to those using exFAT, the crashing scenarios are more widespread.

At the very worst, data loss means losing some screenshots and games that players can re-download via the Eshop anyway. Saved games aren’t stored on the Switch SD card either so there’s no risk of losing your saves as they are stored on the system’s built-in memory. Not the greatest of things to arrive with Pokemon Sword and Shield, but its also something thats easily patched up again.

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