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pokemon beast ball sword and shield

Pokemon Beast Ball Sword and Shield guide

On your way to becoming the very best the likelihood is you’ve heard of the Pokemon Beast Ball Sword and Shield, and if you’re lucky you’ll get the chance to test one of these out fo...[Read More]

pokemon sword and shield sd card corrupted

Pokemon Sword and Shield sd card corrupted? Here’s how to fix it

Although it released just last week, players are already facing an issue with seeing Pokemon Sword and Shield SD card corrupted. The new starters are great, with players scouring the new Galar Region ...[Read More]


The Pokemon Company & Tencent are developing a new Pokemon game!

Seeing the huge success of Pokemon Go and the recently released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game, it seems that Tencent has got a taste for that success and might be working on a brand new Poke...[Read More]