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Metal Gear Survive Beta, A Metal Gear game without the metal or the gear

With the Metal Gear Survive open beta coming to a close on Jan 21st fans are now eagerly (or not) waiting for it’s release date in the UK on February 22nd. After playing the open beta on Xbox One for around an hour it genuinely left me feeling asking myself what the real hype of the game was.

The beta is over, but where did metal gear go?

As a die hard fan of the Metal Gear franchise since the release years ago on the PlayStation 1, I have played through every game in the franchise but felt things changed a lot from MGS4 onwards. This didn’t deter me however from buying Metal Gear ground Zeroes or The Phantom Payne as it still had the Metal Gear feel to the game and an interesting story. Metal Gear Survive however is likely going to be the first Metal Gear game I’m not anticipating buying… sad times.

It may be a spin-off, no excuses

I realise Metal Gear Survive is labelled as a spin-off from the Metal Gear franchise but to jump on the zombie survival bandwagon feels a little desperate to be honest. In the earlier Metal Gear games I remember my heart pounding in anticipation to see the likes of what Sniper Wolf or Vamp would do next, but this game just doesn’t seem to offer that same excitement factor at all. The game may only be in beta stages but is it really going to change that much within as month of release? I don’t think so.

What’s the point?

Never have I played a Metal Gear title and felt left so confused as to what i’m actually doing or what the aim of the game is. Okay I get the idea of using stealth as you normally would, only to avoid zombies rather than soldiers, and then attack them when you get spotted to survive. Although it proved challenging to defend the objective against the zombioes it did get repetitive very very quickly.

Solid Snake didn’t need support

Keeping with the changing times in the gaming industry is fair enough, making the single player objectives half as focused on as the co-op mode though is something I’m really not sure about. Metal Gear online may have gone down okay for many but Solid Snake back in the previous games never needed the support from others – he went into the Shadow Moses mission on his own with the support of others by codec. In my opinion teaming up with others to complete a mission is great for the community aspect with many games but I felt it was unnecessary for this one.

In summary

I’m not sure Hideo Kojima would have allowed this game to move forward in it’s current form, and perhaps if he’d still been with Konami things may have been different. I don’t believe customising characters faces etc. is unnecessarily within a Metal Gear game, and I’ve already seen so many speculations around the use of micro-transactions in this game which looks like a strong possibility to help with progression. Gameplay is repetitive, the objective is confusing, there’s no introduction as to what you should actually be doing. This is so far from a Metal gear title it’s unreal.

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