Nintendo Entertainment System Review – Where Super Mario Was born

Welcome gamers, today we shall catapult ourselves back to when a small grey box ruled the gaming world and was developed by a little company called Nintendo.

The NES – A gaming bombshell waiting to burst

The Nintendo entertainment system was an 8-bit power house of the time (remember its 1986) and was originally going to be a collaboration between Nintendo and Atari but after some legal problems Atari pulled out and Nintendo decided to go it alone.

The Nintendo was reasonably priced and came with a double cartridge with its classic Super Mario, and Duck Hunt with a light gun. As we all now Mario became Nintendo’s mascot and to this day still sells games by the bucket load and didn’t have any real challenge until a certain blue hedgehog turned up in the 90’s.

It didn’t have everything…

The Nintendo was a forward-loading cartridge based machine with an open/shut lid, it didn’t connect to the Internet, it didn’t have cloud-based memory and it didn’t have wireless controllers. What it did have was awesome games from the Super Mario series, Ikari Warriors, Paperboy and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out just to name a few.

The graphics were colourful and drawn well, and the games were fun and didn’t rely on flash graphics – just awesome gameplay. I can still remember trying to get every postbox on Paperboy and sitting with friends trying to take out the most ducks with the Nintendo Zapper.

Star Struck Gaming rating

In 2009, the Nintendo Entertainment System was named the single greatest video game console in history by IGN. As I stated in a previous blog Nintendo were ahead of the game and without them we may not have the consoles have now. Even though they have slipped up in the console market in the last few years their following is strong and I personally will be watching with interest as Nintendo build upon the Switch and it’s accessories.

Overall this was a great console, and although the NES Mini is around today nothing can compare with the feel of the original system.


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