Nintendo Switch Lite price cut by £20 and you can preorder one for £180!


A wealth of products covered under Nintendo’s branding such as games, consoles and accessories have consistency for holding their value. Now though, for what could be a very limited time, the Nintendo Switch Lite price has been slashed by a generous £20 for those who preorder the console via Shopto’s eBay store. Considering the console isn’t out until September 20th, that’s a price cut of 10% of the RRP at £200.

More on the Nintendo Switch Lite price cut

Due to the time of the year the Nintendo Switch lite is launching, there’s a strong possibility that fans of the console will pick the shelves clean on launch day. The likelihood of a Nintendo Switch Lite price cut on launch day, let alone before the end of the year is a slim one. With this in mind, it’s not a bad time to secure your console by taking advantage of the discount.

The Nintendo Switch Lite price cut offer applies to both the Turquoise and Yellow versions of the console only, so if you’re set on the Zacian and Zamazenta Edition or grey model then you won’t benefit from a discount. In order to apply the discount on the ShopTo eBay page, you need to follow through to the checkout stage, and then enter PICKME10 as a discount code. As an added bonus, this discount code will apply to every console being sold on ShopTo’s eBay store, so you could even pick up a discounted Xbox One or PS4.

If you’re on the fence about taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch Lite price cut or going for the standard Switch, then it’s essentially a case of a lower price and more portability. We’re talking about £100 difference in price between the Lite and the standard console, and the Lite has Joy-Cons which are built-in rather than detachable. The battery life is significantly improved too, but the only downside is that there’s no ability to dock the Switch Lite to your TV.

As we’ve mentioned above, this discount is likely to be a limited-time deal. Once the orders are sold out, that’ll likely be your last chance to enjoy the Nintendo Switch Lite price cut. you’d better act fast!

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