PlayStation 5 Hardware Specs – Sony Reveals The Very First Details

playstation 5 hardware specs

The moment we have been awaiting for a good while now has finally come into reality; the PlayStation 5 hardware specs have been revealed – at least the initial features have emerged of what we can expect from the next beast of a console.

Mark Cerny, PlayStation’s Head Architect has revealed the initial details for the PlayStation 5 during an interview with Wired which has kept everyone asking for more.

PlayStation 5 hardware specs – under the hood

So what exactly are the PlayStation 5 hardware specs? Well first of all, and most anticipated among the features is the fact that the console is set to launch with backwards compatibility. Perhaps the second most interesting of the announce details is the fact that the PlayStation 5 is set to keep with physical media, which for many will be welcome news considering rival consoles are looking to scrap the concept of discs.

What is surprising is the fact that Sony removed full digital game codes from stores recently, are they trying to get discs back off the ground?

You won’t find many TVs around that support the feature but 8K is going to be a feature that’s fitted as standard, and of course an SSD will be packed in to ensure those loading screens don’t sit around for too long.

“3D audio” is set to be among the hardware spec list, in addition to a unique graphics interface as well as the potential for ray-tracing technology. This isn’t surprising considering the customised Radeon Navi GPU with the eight-core AMD Rayzen CPU it’ll be packing with launch.

PlayStation 5 hardware specs are great, any word on a release?

Cerny didn’t shed any light on details of a release date during the interview, however a 2019 release is off the table according to word from Sony. Considering how many units Sony have shipped of it’s PS4 and PS4 Pro models (and counting) they’re clearly not in any rush to get the PS5 onto the shelves just yet. Personally I’m still getting to grips with how great that 500 Million PS4 looked!

As of right now this is all we know about the PlayStation 5 hardware specs, and with Sony missing out on an E3 2019 appearance it’s been confirmed that there won’t be much in the way of details talked about there either (Cerny communicated to Wired).

As more details unfold, such as what the graphical horsepower could actually achieve based on the specs, we’ll keep you updated.

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