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Pokemon Go Shadow Pokemon could be on the way – update file suggests


If you’ve stuck with Pokemon Go since day 1 then you’ll love this; Pokemon Go Shadow Pokemon could be coming into the game as part of a new update being rolled out soon. If you’re not sure what exactly Pokemon Go Shadow Pokemon are, then read on.

A Twitter user called Chrales tweeted after analysing the 0.147.0 version notes, and found that Shadow Pokemon, a purified state of normal Pokemon looks to be in the works very soon.


What are Pokemon Go Shadow Pokemon?

The Shadow states we could see added are average Pokemon whose hearts have been closed by artificial means, not to be confused with ghost-type Pokemon owning Shadow Ball moves. We normally see these Pokemon being used for the wrong reasons by the likes of Team Cipher, who are a group that follow the same traits as Team Rocket. Team Cipher however appeared in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokemon Colosseum.

In order to prevent these Pokemon from following a path of evil, players of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokemon Colosseum would need to use a purification method to get them back to their original state. In the above games the purifying of Pokemon would work by interacting with the affected Pokemon, using them in battle, or by walking them around for certain time periods.

If we saw the addition of these Pokemon it would certainly get the vote of many, and would tie in perfectly with the already existing mechanics. For me Pokkén Tournament was the last entry of Shadow Pokemon I saw

Whether these Pokemon are what the ‘purification’ detail is talking about is another story, but Niantic will surely release the details soon. If this new update adds a storyline rather than the current play-style, something which fans speculate, then it could send the game soaring even more to success than it is currently.

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