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Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Being Spoilt?

Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay Leak-cover

Good day starstruck fans and welcome to my thoughts over the current Red Dead Redemption 2 coverage, we all know that we have been waiting 10 years for this game but when can you say ok that’s enough information for now?

Red Dead 2 isn’t far off…

So we all know that October 26th 2018 should be a landmark for open world gaming, Rockstar have teased it and allowed previews to privileged people in the gaming industry who also have confirmed that something special is coming.

Now the issue I have is the constant posts by YouTubers and FB pages repeating the same information over and over or finding new ways of to get views with misleading titles.

The slightest thing gets noticed and entire videos are produced to point out this 1 point completely filled with old material to provide filler so they can slot in this one piece of information that’s not even really relevant to the game. The last piece of information to cause this was that the Horses testicles shrink in different temperatures, now I admit this is amazing detail on behalf of Rockstar but is hardly worthy of 5-10 minutes of you tube videos repeating same footage over and over so people can get the watches they so desire.

I don’t understand why people cannot wait for relevant information to be released by Rockstar we all know there will be a second trailer before the games release so just wait for that then supply your opinions, I agree it’s going to be great but this unhinged trend of people scrutinizing every old video for the slightest thing is getting old fast and is slowly ruining the fun of noticing things for yourself.

The latest videos I came across were people complaining that certain people appear to be already playing RDR2 as it’s showing up on the game played PlayStation profiles. As it was pointed out by a level headed gamer it is more than likely developers logging in with their own accounts to test a final product.

Is it just me?

I’m sure I’m not the only person tired of the bombardment of videos of RDR2 theories and guess work by people with no direct access to the game, company or designers that like us here at Starstruck piling a load of information on to our site regarding GTA 6 it would be compete guess work and misleading and above all annoying but this to fellow gamers.

So fans until Rockstar actually reveal the next trailer I would avoid any RDR2 videos, remember your paying £50 or $60 for a experience that apparently is going to change open world gaming, you want to experience this all for yourself from the opening title to the closing credits.

Over and out

That’s my rant over fans and rest assured there will be a review of RDR2 when it’s released on this site spoiler free and just giving our honest opinion of what we know and how we feel the game has held up against the hype.

Power up, have fun, game hard.

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