PUBG crossplay date finally arrives for PS4 and Xbox thanks to 4.3 update


For any big fan of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the PUBG crossplay date couldn’t come soon enough. Fortunately, that day has now arrived for those on PS4 and Xbox One, meaning you can now go head to head and loot like crazy across platforms.

PUBG crossplay date is here, but what does that mean?

Being able to play multiplayer games cross-platform is a feature that players expect to see as standard with most modern games today. Games such as Fortnite already employ this feature, but PUBG fans have been waiting for a PUBG crossplay date for what has seemed like forever now. Until recently, the PUBG Corp only told us that a crossplay date would be coming during fall, but then Koosung Jeong, the console Producer gave us a more realistic timescale with the feature coming to test servers in September 2019. Jeong said that the feature would spend “a week in beta,” with the live version coming early October. PUBG is often unreliable at sticking to dates, so we took this with a pinch of salt. Jeong added “One of the things that everyone wanted to have is cross-platform play for the consoles,” and that “Now that Xbox players can join the matches with PlayStation players, it will make the matchmaking pool bigger globally and also offer more competition.”

Now that the PUBG crossplay date is live you might be thinking that you’re fairly content with facing off with people on the same console, in which case that’s fine too. If this sounds like you and you don’t want to come up against those on Xbox if you’re on PS4 and vice versa, the PUBG cross-platform function can simply be switched off. To switch off the setting you’ll need to head over to the settings from the main menu, navigate to gameplay and then hit the ‘disable crossplay’ option.

Take note that switching off PUBG crossplay could now see a match taking longer to load up. PUBG is working on things in the background to ensure players are able to party up with players on a different platform, it’s not available right now, however.

Is there a PUBG crossplay date for PC and mobile?

Unfortunately, there’s been no mention of a PUBG crossplay date coming to allow PC players to enjoy playing with other platforms, although iOS and Android players can already play in harmony. The PUBG community have voiced concerns about the advantages of PC players coming up against console players due to being able to use a mouse and keyboard versus a controller.

If the news does emerge for PUBG crossplay being available for PC, we’ll ensure we keep you updated. Until then, it’s great to finally see the PUBG crossplay date arrive and allowing the game to join the crossplay family.

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