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The Sims 4 PC download for free?

The Sims 4 PC download

It has to be said that when The Sims 4 launched in 2014 it wasn’t without its problems, fortunately though both console and The Sims 4 PC download are up to scratch now.

If you played the original games of the Sims a couple of decades ago then The Sims 4 PC download could well be right up your street. If you’re a PC player then much like getting your Xbox Live Games With Gold or PS Plus freebies, it’s worth downloading The Sims 4 PC download for free!

How to get he Sims 4 PC download for free

As long as your PC meets the system requirements there’s not a lot more you need to do to get your free The Sims 4 PC download.

This offer is only valid for a limited time on EA’s Origins store, specifically you have until Tuesday 28th May at 5 PM (UK time), 1 PM EST and 10 AM PST. The version of the game is only the standard but hey it’s free! It’s not bad considering it’s over £30 at the normal Origins store price, and even if you don’t have an Origin Access Basic subscription you can still download and keep the game for good.

The Sims 4 PC download problems?

If you’re having trouble finding it on the Origins store then you can head direct to The Sims 4 page on Origins where you’ll be asked to login to your account. Create on for free if you don’t have one and then click the button saying ”Get it Free” to add it to your games library.

Using the Origins client and having issues? You’re not alone. There have been reports that those using the Origins PC client have only been able to receive The Sims 4 PC download as a gift, in which case you will need to visit the Origins website and claim it that way in order to resolve the issue. Once you’ve done that the game will be in your library showing as if you’ve purchased the game, where you can then install it on your PC.

As above, The Sims 4 PC download only includes the game as standard and not the DLCs, but you’ll certainly still get several hours out of the base game – well worth it!

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