PUBG Resident Evil 2 Crossover Event Coming After Collab with Capcom

PUBG Resident Evil 2 Crossover Event

PUBG Resident Evil 2 crossover

It’s no secret that Fortnite, PUBG’s closest battle royale rival has attempted to hog the spotlight over the festive period, but the guys over at PUBG HQ aren’t quite done with the creepy antics of halloween. By this we mean they’re keeping the spooky theme moving with a PUBG Resident Evil 2 crossover event.

This sounds awesome, what’s cracking?

Much in the way that PUBG confirmed their Suicide Squad crossover, the PUBG Resident Evil 2 Crossover announcement was posted quite recently on their Twitter account – teasing a video as we might expect.

Any player of the original Resident Evil 2 PS1 horror title will be aware of the remaster coming in January 2019. It’s been twenty years since the game released on the retro console back in 1998, and with a great yet pretty terrifying story it’s no wonder fans of the original are looking forward to a polished remaster.

What the crossover is likely to involve

Although the clip above is relatively sparse, not really telling us whether the undead are going to make a gory appearance in PUBG, we reckon it’s likely that players will be able to unlock themed items relating to the crossover – this is how it’s worked with similar events to the PUBG Resident Evil 2 crossover.

Even though there’s no word yet that we’ll see a mode solely dedicated to the Resident Evil 2 zombies, there’s still a possibility with Fortnite already adapting their gameplay with a new Fortnitmares Pve concept. Epic’s zombie-like elements were a smash-hit for the Fortnite community so it’s very reasonable that PUBG may follow those footsteps.

One downside, depending on how you look at it is that the PUBG Resident Evil 2 crossover dubbed ‘PUBG X Resident Evil 2’ is that it’s only going to be available for mobile. This is a tad out of what we’d expect with the fact that the Resident Evil 2 remaster is coming for console and PC.

With the original resident Evil 2 game being a PlayStation exclusive you would have thought that the PUBG devs would have pushed a little harder to launch the limited time event to all platforms, or at least PS4.

Within the reveal the PUBG team stated “something is coming very soon,” what that means is anyone’s guess, but keep your eyes open as we’ll update once it’s clear.

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