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Apex Legends New Gun May Have Unintentionally Leaked By Respawn


With how massive Apex legends has been since launch it’s likely you’ve either played or at least seen the game in action if you’reĀ  reading this. For the players there appears to have been an Apex Legends new gun leaked, which could be heading to the game potentially very soon.

Respawn’s own Reddit thread saw an image emerge showing Mirage alongside some sort of gun that’s isn’t readily available in the game right now. The potential Apex Legends new gun leak was discovered by Dotesports, however there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether the weapon is a new addition or something that already exists – this is mainly due to the image being blurry and of poor quality.

What does the Apex Legends new gun resemble?

There’s no definitive to say the Apex Legends new gun is something we’ve not seen so far, but it does appear to look like a gun along the lines of an assault rifle or quite possibly an SMG. Any avid Apex player will know that the weapons in-game are inspired by that of the guns appearing in Titanfall, and if you take a peak at Gamesradar’s full Titanfall weapons list it isn’t looking too much like any of the weapons that have been uncovered previously.

Take a peak at the image below and judge for yourself whether it’s old news or not.


Credit: Respawn entertainment

If we were to say that the Apex legends new gun looked like anything, the closest match would be a resprayed C.A.R SMG. No matter what though, since Apex launched the beginning of this year there has only ever been one new weapon addition, so really speaking it wouldn’t her to have a new weapon introduced.

Season 1 saw the launch of the Battle Pass, and with that release came the addition of new character Octane – but no new weapons.

There has been no official statement from Respawn, in a post or via the Reddit thread to say new weapons are coming, but keep your ear to the ground as many of the Apex Legends leaks lately have been known to become a reality!

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