Dauntless server full – queue times for the free to play RPG span 3 hours +


Similar to when Apex Legends launched at the beginning of the year, Dauntless, the free to play title that came from nowhere has proved to be a huge hit since it launched this week. The RPG fantasy title has been so popular that players are constantly facing in excess of a three hour queue to to seeing the Dauntless server full.

Dauntless server full – not what we’re used to

If you’ve played The Division 2 then no doubt you’ll be used to be queuing to get into the game, but seeing the Dauntless server full with massive wait times is a little different. The specific message players are facing is seeing a ‘matchmaking in progress’ prompt, but that prompt is appearing for huge time periods. The developer of Dauntless, Phoenix Labs has been keeping players updated via its Twitter feed so they have a better idea when they’ll actually get to play.

As per the tweet below, the developers are clearly working on the issue. Fortunately it’s not going to be a case of joining the queue, seeing your wait time and sitting tight. Instead, you’ll get to see where you appear in the queue when you see the Dauntless server full, and additionally they have doubled the server capacity meaning you stand a much better chance of playing right away.

As per this post from Destructoid, the system being used is that of a one-in-one-out, and seeing the Dauntless server full doesn’t surprise us with the fact that they already have a 4 million player base  – that’s pretty impressive. Phoenix Labs had another idea to “to turn things off. We decided it would be better for people to play (but potentially wait a while) than to not be able to play at all” I think the way they’ve gone instead was the better option.
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