Qpad QH-90 Headset Review – Step Aside Razer, Qpad Is On Your Tail!

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Qpad QH-90 Headset Review

Qpad QH-90 Headset Review

It’s always fun to review new and unknown brands. They are like blank sheets in front of you, absolutely no expectations what so ever and open for surprises. This is our Qpad QH-90 Headset review.

I hadn’t previously heard anything about a company called Qpad before. Despite being more than familiar with different e-sports gaming brands. But then again the industry is expanding rapidly and new companies appear every day. Which is why you should always be open as they can surprise you with new products. Or they can also be a massive disappointment. So let’s see which category the Qpad QH-90 headphones fall into.

Package & Design

The first thing that struck me by surprise was the package. It’s a decent size black and white box that has a really nice look to it. Like it looks expensive and high quality. And I must say that it already increased my expectations. After removing the glossy and shiny exterior cover, I got to another box. And this one looks even nicer. I wouldn’t go as far and say that it gave me a wow effect, but it got close. Similar to what I experienced with my Denon D600 headphones.

After opening the box, my expectations dropped a bit. Not that the inside was unpleasant or anything, it’s just that the whole opening the package experience had upped my expectation. The inside seems kind of average at first glance. A little bit of plastic, faux leather and aluminium. The headphones cable is also covered with rubber, not textile like on premium grade headphones.

After taking a closer look, I’m starting to get more excited about the Qpad QH-90. The plastic parts have a rubber finish, the aluminium has been darkened and the faux leather has the company name sewn in, not painted on. The remote on the cable felt like the cheapest part, but that’s not a very dominative detail.

The overall build quality is a decent average or a bit above. Just like I’d expect from headphones in its price range. Besides the headphones, the package also includes a small bag for them. A small thing but still nice to have.

Performance & Audio

Unlike many other gamer headphones, the Qpad QH-90 doesn’t require any software to work. Just plug in and play. This also comes with the downside of not having any fancy extras like flashy LED’s etc. Something that Razer, Logitech and Roccat are known for. Which is fine as according to Qpad, the headphones are mostly focused on producing pure HiFi sound. So if you are searching for something that creates 7.1 special effects, then you’ll need to look elsewhere. I’m personally a fan of the pure stereo sound as well. Maybe because I don’t play games that expect me to pay attention to who is moving behind me in the grass.

I have to say that the headphones are pretty comfortable, especially if we consider that the pads are covered with faux leather. After 3 hours of playing a game, sorry e-sporting, my ears didn’t even start sweating. Not to mention that I have a big head and the headphones didn’t apply any uncomfortable pressure to it. So I can definitely give the headphones plus points for being comfortable.

With headphones we can’t avoid going over sound quality. Especially since the Qpad QH-90 is advertised for having pure HiFi. For a person, who is used to using headphones that came with their phone, this may sound as a pure clean HiFi. But a person who has used premium class headphones, will notice that it’s not entirely pure and clean. As in it’s a bit flat and passionless. But for a gamer and the average person, these headphones are more than good enough.

At first I thought that music sounds better with these headphones than gaming sounds. But after listening for longer, I realized that that’s not actually the case. If I had to compare them with Pioneer headphones that are in the same price range, then I’d give the win to Pioneer. So if you are a huge sound freak, then you’ll probably want to test them first to see if they appeal to you.

What I can say is that the audio quality was absolutely perfect in discord.

These headphones can be used both with a computer and a phone. The headphones also come with an extra cable that has a remote controller. It has two different inputs and plugs for connecting both the headphones and a microphone. The button on the remote is meant for picking up calls. But since you know some phones only have a single 3.5mm audio jack, then you also get an adapter that merges the microphone and headphone plugs into one. It kind of reminds me of Apple and their product strategy. As in you need a ton of adapters if you want to connect to anything.

In addition, combining the adapter with the remote cable, makes the overall length of the cable extremely long. So long that it’s not comfortable to use in my opinion. Especially if you are using it on the street. So I’d still rather use them for gaming instead. I do want to add that these headphones are designed for using with a computer. Which means that they aren’t compatible with any gaming consoles.


If you are in need of headphones that you can use for gaming in front the computer, then you can definitely consider taking a look at the Qpad QH-90. Their sound quality is definitely better than the headphones that came with your phone. They also isolate noise pretty well.

The extra cable lets you adjust the length of the cable so it’s not too short or long. The microphone can be removed so you can just use the headphones as well. As in you can bring it with you outside or maybe you just want to use an external microphone. Either way I recommend keeping the Qpad QH-90 as a gaming headset.

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