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Red Dead Online update gives players XP bonuses & discounts weapons

Credit : Rockstar Games

If you’ve been wanting to up your game in |Red Dead Online then now might be a great opportunity. For a limited time, only the latest Red Dead Online update is offering discounts to some popular weapons in addition to increasing to completion payouts across the existing missions.

The Red Dead Online update will bring an extra 30% mission completion rate for missions in the storyline following A Land of Opportunities, specifically for Jessica LeClerk. The increased payouts will apply to Red Dead Online XP and cash earned. The release notes on Rockstar’s official page tells players that “Whichever path you walk, the rewards are bountiful,” You won’t be short on paths to choose from. There will be specific missions that require you to have a lower Honor to attempt, but if you don’t fit that then you won’t struggle to find others available. Regardless of where you end up, the XP and cash bonuses will still apply.

When you’ve applied the Red Dead Online update make sure to check out the catalogue from Wheeler, Rawson and Co. as you should find the stock for many items has been replenished. For a limited time, you can obtain any of the four limited-edition items.

In terms of the weapons that have been discounted this will see the Springfield Rifle or Double Action Revolver reduced by 25%, and Cleavers and Hatchets having 50% off. You’ll also benefit from 25% reductions on Ability Cards too.

Red Dead Online update – Twitch Prime for the win

In addition to what the Red Dead Online update brings, Twitch Prime subscribers will grab some additional content. This will only be available to subscribers that have linked up their Twitch Prime membership to Rockstar Games Social Club before August 2nd. the extras for twitch Prime subscribers include exclusive outfits, a “How Dare You Emote.” as well as a high-powered rifle. You can obtain each of these items regardless of your Rank and will be available at no charge whatsoever. On top of all that, the already discounted items will be further reduced upping the discount to 40%!

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