Resident Evil 2 Remake Mr x Mod Reveals Boss In His Budgy Smugglers

Credit: NexusMods

It seems like the big, bad, boss of Resident Evil 2 has been completely revealed and left more vulnerable than ever. After a Resident Evil 2 Remake Mr x mod released recently the brute of a character has been stripped of his trench coat, leaving him with nothing but his umbrella budgy smugglers… oh and some sunnies on top of his head.

Those who’ve pondered as top what lies beneath now have an answer – thanks to NexusMods.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Mr x Mod stripped down

NexusMods has the Resident Evil 2 Remake Mr x Mod named ‘Beachboy X’ ready and waiting to abuse Mr X. “fancy swimwear, flip-flops and sunglasses” make a swap for Mr X’s trench coat – basically placing him in a pair of budgy smugglers.

Check out the YouTube clip below from channel Residence of Evil, which shows exactly what Mr X is packing under that big coat of his. Having no clothes, in my opinion, makes him look even more scary.

Shooting Mr X in the budgy smugglers is pretty standard, but NexusMods also mentioned ”NOTE: – The sunglasses replace the hat, so you can also shoot them off.” Brilliant!

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