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Telltale Games Fire Remaining 25 Members Of Their Skeleton Workforce

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Telltale Games fire remaining employees

In a shock move to Telltale Games, the creators of games such as Batman: The Enemy Within, The Wolf Among Us, and The Walking Dead Telltale series, the firm fired hundreds of their work force in September. The firm did so without any prior warning whatsoever and offered no severance at all (no pay or notice period).

Following the laying off of the majority of it’s staff Telltale Games kept on a very small skeleton team of a mere 25 staff members. It was said that these 25 members were to be kept on for the ‘foreseeable future’ however it appears that Telltale Games Fire those workers too. This has come just two weeks following the first lay-offs.

A former employee took to Twitter to share the news:

A source has since confirmed the statement to be true.

It’s no secret that the way employees have been managed under Telltale Games’ watch is somewhat unreasonable, the former employee went on to say ”I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. 80-hour crunch weeks. Mismanagement of some of the industry’s top talent. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”

Rachel Noel had communicated that she’s be ”working on the remaining TTG project.” Which was the finale to the Walking Dead Telltale Games franchise, currently at episode two of four to complete the season. Speculation has been rife since the initial lay-offs as to whether the final season would in fact be finished at all.

Several large stakeholders had been in direct contact with the firm to state their interest in backing the completion of the final Walking Dead game. This didn’t go down too well with fans commenting to say Telltale cares more about the games than their staff – it does appear that way.

Will The Walking Dead final season finish?

The creator of the Walking Dead series Robert Kirkman appeared at NY Comic Con on Friday to say “Stay tuned,” and that “Everyone involved is trying to make sure Clementine’s story is told. I’m not concerned at the moment with telling that story in the comics.”

The sudden Telltale Games fire of pretty much it’s entire workforce has been unsettling to say the least, with an ex-employee of the firm filing a lawsuit against Telltale Games. This was following a Kotaku report which detailed the possibility of finishing the Walking dead’s final season using an outsourced studio which may hire a small number of ex-employees to get the job done.

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