Black Ops 4 Zombies Crash Bugs Lose Fans, Here’s Treyarch’s Response

black ops 4 zombies

Black Ops 4 zombies

Although zombies mode makes an appearance in this year’s Black Ops 4 title, given the real direction of Blackout and multiplayer being the center of attention you’d almost forget that Black ops 4 zombies was even a thing.

It’s no new complaint that fans of the zombies mode have expressed their upset that the game mode hasn’t really been given any attention in comparison to Blackout.

As new problems with Black Ops zombies have emerged it seems this dissatisfaction has been amplified over the past month, with the main concern being in relation to technical downfalls. One issue in particular for players is when they’ve spent countless hours to approach a boss only to be greeted with a bug that crashes the game.

One major example of this crash was when Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar, a popular Twitch streamer experienced a fatal error screen after spending over two hours working towards a boss fight.

Following the above incident, others have taken to YouTube to express their dissatisfaction. Check out the clip below, which contains some strong language.

Players are starting to feel like Black ops 4 zombies is getting the ugly duckling treatment with the fact that zombies mode doesn’t even link in with the Black Ops black market contraband system.

What’s the solution?

In response to the negative feedback given by zombies players, Treyarch have firstly released a Reddit statement saying they are going to devote and invest more into Black Ops 4 zombies, and secondly they’ve released an update which aims to address and fix the in-game zombies bugs. Treyarch have said that issues with stability are their “number one priority”.

“In our most recent major game update, we added new technology to help us track down the more complex Zombies crashes, and these tools now allow us to isolate the issues with the highest frequency.

“We’re working through that list in priority order, and we will be releasing several fixes over the course of the next few updates. The complexity of variables in Zombies Easter Eggs presents the team with a unique set of challenges in reproducing, fixing, and thoroughly testing the fixes before release. As such, they take a little longer than our regular updates, and we appreciate your continued patience.”

My friend and I made it to the final boss in Voyage of the Dead…then this happened from Blackops4

To keep players in the loop with the updates, Treyarch states “Rest assured that the team is working tirelessly to address remaining stability issues that the Zombies community is experiencing,”

“We respect and appreciate that our players invest so much time into Zombies, and we are committed to ensuring that this is the best Zombies gameplay experience in the series. Zombies would not be what it is today without an incredible community of fans, and we are wholly committed to doing everything we can to make Black Ops 4 the best and most-supported game that we’ve ever made.”

While the Black Ops 4 zombies mode released with some weight behind it, its quite obvious it wasn’t without flaws. Although multiplayer and blackout modes are enjoying their time in the spotlight, it’s clear that there’s a good uptake of players who still love to stick with zombies mode only so its great to see Treyarch sorting out these issues for that player base. We’ll wait and see if the crashes are sorted in the near future, until that time it may be worthwhile wearing a wrist strap with your controller before launching it at the TV.

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