7 TV shows that would make epic Telltale Game stories

As a fan of the majority of Telltale games that are around today I’m fairly certain its not just me who thinks about the storylines that would do fairly well in terms of popularity.

With all of the series I’ve played so far – The Wolf Among Us, Batman, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Guardians of The Galaxy, Telltale always seem to hit the right spot in terms of length and gameplay effort.

I’ve put together a list of my personal favourite TV shows that I reckon would do pretty well if they were brought into the Telltale world.

Prison Break

With the fifth series recently making a comeback and to our TV screens, it’s fairly clear that Michael Scofield has plenty left in him in terms of storylines.

I’d personally love to see all of our favourite characters like Lincoln, T-Bag, Sucre and Bellick in a prequel storyline to the very first series. I mean we saw plenty of flashbacks which told the stories of each inmate’s past life but there’s still plenty of ways to swing it.


I know I’m not alone when I say how disappointing it was when the final series of Dexter came to an end. The series ended with showing us that Dexter was still very much alive (when we thought he’d died in the final episode).

There’s almost certainly some killing left in Dexter yet and I for one would love to be in control of decision-based gameplay from Telltale.

The Big Bang Theory

Now this one would get a lot of likes and certainly a decent amount of purchases. We all love Sheldon and t

he gang along with what they get up to.

Imagine playing a Telltale game of The Big Bang and making choices as Leonard as to whether you lie to Sheldon about unboxing one of his Star Wars figures!


For those who’ve never had the fortune of watching this British TV series you’re truly missing out. The story follows Mickey Bricks and his gang of con artists who play ‘the long con’ (cons that take longer but score huge sums of money) and you’re then shown how the con took place at the very end. If you like twists and turns that you never saw coming, this one does it very well indeed.

If Telltale released this it could see the need to carry out specific tasks (while following a story) to complete the ultimate con and earn a ton of cash.


This is a new series for me, I decided to watch it following reading through a few Archie comics. Personally playing through a game where there are murders in riverdale while experiencing a love interest between Betty and Archie would definitely get my vote.

You know who did the murder, but how do you play that out when it comes to important decisions?

Orange Is The New Black

Going to a woman only prison can’t be easy, much like going to an all mens prison i guess. But putting memorable characters into a Telltale Game where you fight against others for your freedom, or even more importantly your life could only be entertaining at the very least.

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