The Last of Us: Remastered Review

The Last of Us. A game that I would love to go back and complete but it’s very much a ‘one time and done’ kinda game.

That’s not to say it was a joy, because it certainly is, with a story which – and i’m not afraid to admit this – made me a crying mess. From THAT start, to the finish, it’s a roller coaster ride that I, for one, am glad to experience.

Straight into it from the very start

The whole game is a cinematic experience, from it’s whole movie mantra with it’s cut scenes, to the tight controls, combat and gameplay in general.

The story is one to behold, which grabbed me from start to finish and that’s not easy to do with myself as I’m more of a gameplay guy.

The dialogue in the game certainly makes me feel part of the story, as if I am Joel in this post-apocalyptic world and certainly made the conversations between all the wide range of characters feel meaningful and impactful, which made the story in and of itself more thrilling and wonderful sight to behold.

A combat system devs can learn from

Of course even with all that, it wouldn’t quite work as well if the combat wasn’t solid. Drudging around in the dark with a clicker nearby is one of the more terrifying experiences I’ll ever have in a game, with that stealth element accompanied alongside heart pounding gun-fights and careful inventory management.

This inventory management adds to the gameplay factor, in that you have choose when to pick your battles and when to think ‘sod it’ and go in guns blazing. At the same time though, one wrong move can lead to peril, trouble or straight back to the precious checkpoint, wherever that may be.

Star Struck Gaming Rating

Naughty Dog have again knocked it out of the park, even with just a remaster. While it’s not much of an improvement over the PS3 version and doesn’t change much, it certainly is the most definitive version you can choose to play.

Highly Recommended

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