Turtle Beach 520 Stealth PS4 headphones – a hands on review


If like me you’re going through a multi-console gaming phase at the moment, by this I mean playing games across Xbox, Ps4 and PC, then you’ll no doubt have realised not every set of headphones works with every console.

How easy is setup?

I actually swapped to these headphones after buying a set of Turtle Beach 800 Elites because they didn’t require an optical input to function correctly – for those who don’t already know, the PS4 Slim has no optical port which is required to output the 7.1 surround sound for the majority of wireless headsets.

If you don’t have an optical port and you just want to plug in the USB transmitter, you need to plug the headphones and transmitter into a computer to update the device firmware before you can get going, although this only takes a few minutes.

Plug in your dongle to your PS4 USB port, turn on the headphones, go to the PS4 device settings to output the audio to your headphones and you’re all set – simple as that!

7.1 Surround sound

I have a set of Turtle Beach 420 Stealth headphones for my Xbox One, and I must say the sound on the 520s is a step up from the Xbox set.

Super Human Hearing

This is one feature that my Xbox Turtle Beach phones don’t offer – the name may be self-explanatory, but essentially you activate this feature to hear every little detail within the game. I used this last night to play Horizon: Zero Dawn and I could hear the sound of the machines that were hunting me, as well as the direction they were in.

For shooting games, you’d hear things like footsteps and bullets whistling past your head – pretty awesome.

Using the mic

Playing Rocket League with these was pretty cool, especially in a 2v2 match. The Mic is a flexible detachable style so you can choose to use it while online and remove it when you’re playing solo. Sound quality is excellent; you can hear your own voice too which lets you know that you aren’t shouting.

Totally wireless (of course)

In a world where we have the ability of eliminating cables, I tend to utilize this possibility wherever I can. You might think that not having a physical wire connected to the headphones would have a negative impact on quality; well you’d be wrong to think this as the sounds is crystal clear – I couldn’t imagine a wire making it any clearer.

Comfort – an important factor

I won’t harp on about the expensive 800 Elites I had, but they were slightly heavier than the 520s and hurt the outside of my ears after wearing them for less than an hour.

The 520s are lightweight, have sufficient padding, and I can wear them for a good 2-3 hours without feeling any discomfort at all.

Price – don’t overpay!

I managed to pick these headphones up on Amazon for £79.99, and the only difference between these and paying an extra £150 for the next model up was the fact they didn’t have noise cancelling. To be honest though, I can’t hear anything in the background anyway with the 520s, so this doesn’t warrant paying the extra cash for the ‘superior’ model.

Overall, an awesome pair of headphones which I’m very pleased with.

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