6 Tips to Get You Through Watch Dogs 2

As with any game there are usually aspects that prove to be challenging at the very minimum, or at least you’d hope there would be.

Watch Dogs 2 does not disappoint with its awesome hacking jobs and brain-teasing circuit puzzles, and for me personally the game only gets more challenging as you progress through the game. With this in mind, it’s always helpful to share tips for success to get you through the more frustrating traits in this title.

Losing the fuzz

Much like GTA, Watch Dogs 2 (and the original) see’s the cops hunting you down should you hijack a vehicle or whip your pistol out on a civilian – unless you can interrupt their call before the police are actually alerted.

Shaking off the police cars can at times prove a complete pain in the butt; the good news is there’s a pretty simple way to get rid of them.

So you’ve got a dozen cars, a chopper, the works on your tail, head off road into some Greenland and they’ll struggle to keep up with you, strangely they don’t like following anyone unless they’re on a road.

Scout X Location popped up – go get it!

If like me you’re an achievement whore, then you’ll want to get as close that that 1000G’s as you can. The great thing about Watch Dogs 2 collectables is that you actually only need to collect 25 Scout X snaps to unlock the achievement.

I made the novice mistake of ignoring these as they popped up throughout the Watch Dogs 2 map, meaning I now have to go back and find these locations to snap the selfies. Just a little frustrating.

Completing the main operations first

This one is completely optional, but personally I chose to knock down each of the main missions, and once complete I’d focus on the various side missions to round off the achievements list.

In doing so you’ll also earn the majority of research points you need to unlock new skills and abilities, the side missions will then be much like a clean-up tasks.

Tech versus aggression – the two mission approaches

Let’s be honest, this game isn’t GTA so don’t think it needs to be treated as such, although at the end of the day it is your choice.

When completing the various missions you have the option of doing things by the book – hacking your way into buildings, hacking the cameras and then hacking the guard’s phones.

Or there’s the other way – go in all guns blazing and shoot all the guards/thugs/police, then reaching your chosen objective with no guards to stop you.

In all honesty, either way works, you won’t get penalized by choosing the latter approach, so it’s really up to you.

Make use of the Xbox recording feature

Okay this one isn’t necessarily one that’ll help you progress through the game any faster, but it’s something I wish I had done as I went along. There were some awesome and often hilarious moments throughout the game that I wish I had captured to look back at. SPOILER ALERT*** the scene in the gym where you had to teach the guy a lesson had me in stitches – turning up the treadmill so fast that he landed flat on his face was hilarious.

Unlock the social engineering skills first

In my opinion one of the most frustrating aspects of the game was getting shot dead when a checkpoint hadn’t been triggered in a mission, meaning going right back to the beginning and trying again.

So taking out the guards and thugs (again not necessarily by shooting them) before any reinforcements are called gives you a head start on finishing the mission.

Unlocking the social engineering skills with your treasured research points will aid you significantly with disposing of the nuisance guards. Putting a call out to the police that one of the guards are murderers, or planting a self-detonating explosive on a villain really gives you an advantage.

Have some tips for other readers that I haven’t mentioned? Comment below and help a brother out!

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