Call Of Duty 2019 Is Set To Include A Campaign Mode, Activision Confirms

Call Of Duty 2019 campaign details

Call Of Duty 2019 campaign – here’s what we know

News has emerged that the next instalment to Call of Duty Black ops 4, currently known as Call Of Duty 2019 is set to include a campaign which could bring lost players back to the franchise.

Activision Blizzard recently had their Quarterly Earnings call, in which Rob Kostich Activision’s new president stated that is geared up to include “an entirely new campaign, a huge and expansive multiplayer world, and some fun co-op gameplay.”

Activision job losses announced too

During the same call it was also communicated that around 8% of the Activision Blizzard workforce were due to be axed. These lost jobs at Activision Blizzard appear to come in at around the 800 employee mark, and this is despite confirmation from Kotick stating the 2018 financial report results “were the best in our history.”

Areas not requiring game developers are not going to be affected, according to Activision.

Dennis Durkin, the firms CFO commented that the game “rooted in some of the franchise’s most important history.” He also stated that this game was likely to be a (much needed) significant step forward for the COD franchise.

Last year’s instalment in the series Black ops 4 did not launch with any kind of single player mode, this was however developed by Treyarch who took the plunge to keep the game entirely multiplayer – check out our Call of Duty: Blacks ops 4 multiplayer review. Infinity Ward were the team who brought us Call of duty and call of duty 2, so it’s good to see the franchise returning to its original roots to give players what they’re after. In addition to the first two CoD games, the same studio also brought us the Modern warfare trilogy, CoD Ghosts along with Infinite Warfare.

CFO Durkin said that “Call of Duty units are down year-over-year in our outlook.” In 2018 Call of duty topped the list of the best console franchises according to Activision, but with the Black Ops 4 launch sales being the worst in years it sounds like Durkin is closer to hitting the mark.

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