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Command And Conquer Remaster Possible For 25th Anniversary

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Could a Command And Conquer Remaster be on the cards?

A Command And Conquer Remaster could be well within the reach of fans as EA discreetly announce that it may be happening in a Reddit post. The producer from EA Jim Vessella stated that they are fast approaching the 25 year anniversary of the original Command And conquer game and that the producing studio has plans to commemorate this anniversary. As it stands its sounding like its only going to be the one game facing a Command And Conquer Remaster, the statement from Vessella suggests there may be more to follow.

What else do we know?

Vesella has been answering a few of the queries raised on the Reddit forum confirming that the possible Command And Conquer Remaster won’t include a micro-transaction system. This is a breath of fresh air to find out.

In a post on the OpenRA Forums EA has stated that “we’ve been exploring some exciting ideas regarding remastering the classic PC games, and already have the ball rolling on our first effort”. the forum is one of the Command And Conquer fan clubs out there that are rooting for the remaster to happen.

About time…

With 25 years passing since the original game launched, its clear to see that a Command And Conquer Remaster would be very welcome about now. The graphics are now (not back when wer first played) pretty dated, the music a little tinny, and the user interface is a little more advanced than something that felt as though it just left the stone age.

Many fans have already taken to modding some of the originals with the Tiberium War Redux modification which works in unison with Command And Conquer Generals to provide some well needed TLC. it’s not quite a Command And Conquer Remaster though…

The Reddit post has some serious debates going on, with many speculating whether the game should in fact reach a 3D state at all, along with how much of the game’s original should be utilised.

Regardless of any of the above however, there’s no guarantee as to whether any of this could make it into a store let alone a digital download. Development plans previously have been discussed as to whether a remaster of the game should become a free-to-play series have been tossed aside, which is sad considering there’s been some visual plands that could actually be feasible.

You’ll have likely seen the new mobile yet lightweight competitive version of the game popping up in your news feeds, fans though haven’t been best pleased at this attempt to bring the classic to mobile. Will Yuri ever get his revenge!?

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