Conker’s Bad Fur Day sequel won’t be happening, designer tweet reveals


Those of you who remember the raunchy squirrel back on the N64 will no doubt have given the thumbs up to a Conker’s Bad Fur Day sequel. On the other side of the fence many may argue that the original was exactly what it needed to be, and a sequel wasn’t really necessary.

Either way when we saw Conker finishing a pint in the ending of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, it’s with regret that this was one of the last pints we’d sim him drinking. If you played to the end of the original game, you might recall the bad guys Von Kriplespac and the Panther King being defeated, leaving Conker as the remaining ruler of the land – losing Berri (his girlfriend) in the process. In other words, all the loose ends were tied up, with the requirement for a Conker’s Bad Fur Day sequel being obsolete (in some opinions).

You might be thinking that this wasn’t the end for Conker, and initially you’d have been correct. A Conker’s Bad Fur Day sequel was in the making by Rare and was set to be named Conker’s Other Bad Day. Chris Seaver was one of the developers behind the idea of a Conker’s Bad Fur Day sequel and nothing really emerged after 2002 saw the game being cancelled. Today though, Seaver put out a Tweet which discussed the whats and whys of the sequel that never turned to a reality.

The spin-off plots in question related to the Panther King being brought back to life, having Conker fighting his way back to the throne, along with Conker planning an escape from a night club called the basement following his own demise. All of the tweets are above for your viewing pleasure.

Seaver tweeted “The game starts with Conker on the throne, looking as miserable as ever and slightly different,” and that “He has an eye patch and his fur is almost black.”

Similar to when the camera panned to Conker in the first game to direct attention to the programmers prior to the credits rolling, the devs had something like this in mind. Unfortunately the plans for the Conker’s Bad Fur Day sequel never really materialised, but on the flipside we got to see what Seaver envisioned.

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