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Check Out Broken Road – Days Gone Free Theme Available Now On PS4


There’s no hiding the fact that a zombie apocalyptic rise is on the horizon this week – yep we’re talking about Days Gone for those unaware. To give players a shoved reminder of the lurking horrors, PS4 players are being given the chance to download the Days Gone free theme known as Broken Road. Of course there’s probably a method behind giving the Days Gone free theme  away like free ads for developers, but hey who are we to complain about free stuff?

Who can claim the Days Gone free theme?

The only catch about the Days Gone free theme  is that it’s currently only available to those in the US and Canada, the good news is if you tick this box you can claim your reward right now via the PlayStation Days Gone official page. Not only will players be able to claim the Days Gone free theme and customise the look of their PS4, but there is also an avatar pack ready for you to download.

If you meet the requirements it’s pretty simple to download both the theme and avatar; all you need to do is nav to the official Days Gone launch page, use your US or Canada credentials to sign in and select the left-hand ”View Rewards” tab. Alternatively should you wish, you can scroll near to the bottom of the page to reveal your codes. You may encounter a series of errors which relate to the video which is age-protected in the page header which you can ignore, you may need to refresh the page to get things moving.

While you’re on the launch page though, it’s always worth entering the giveaway for the Rager Bear plush toy, there may only be a limited number available but that’s be a nice addition to the geek shelf!

What about the Days Gone free theme icons?

As you can see in the image below by YouTube user RenkaWong the icons have been given a pretty impressive makeover, almost like the badges you’d stitch onto a school uniform or perhaps an army uniform blazer.

credit: Renka Wong

The avatar is great but the real deal here is the main Days Gone free theme, which sees a grizzly-looking mutant wolf chasing the main character on his motorbike – Deacon St. John. The artwork for the theme background looks awesome as it looks as though the theme actually moves thanks to the blurring effects in use. Deacon may have a stab at shooting the wolf as it flies through the dirt and debris spun up by Deacon’s motorbike, but with this theme that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

Check out the video below to view the Days Gone free theme in fully-fledged action.

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