Final Fantasy 7 Remake could appear at this week’s State of Play Stream

Credit: Square Enix

Things have been very quiet for a while now in relation to a Final Fantasy 7 Remake, that is until a new tease from Square Enix emerged for this week’s PlayStation live stream. I for one have everything crossed for that to be the case.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – could it be happening!?

at the beginning of this week it was communicated that PlayStation would be hosting a live stream tomorrow (May 9th) which detailed information surrounding a new IP and a Medievil Remake. The news that’s got us really hyped though surrounds the possibility of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake, that’s after the phrase ”Oh You’ve come” appeared in a retweet of the news by Final Fantasy’s Brand Manager Shinji Hashimoto.

Additionally getting us thinking about a Final Fantasy 7 RemakeĀ  was the original Final Fantasy 7 game image which popped up on Twitter randomly around the same time as the above retweet.

As shown in the tweet above, we can see an emoji of a chick with no other text alongside an image of Cloud (from the franchise) looking towards the series’ rideable birds.

We could well be reading into all this a little too much, but that’d be a bit too coincidental. This isn’t the first we’ve heard about a Final Fantasy 7 Remake as it was communicated it’d be happening four years ago in 2015. Since it was announced though, developers Square Enix have kept things on the down low big style.

The PlayStation live stream happening tomorrow seems like it could unfold some very appealing news, especially as there’s whispers of more details on The Last of Us Part 2 during the State of Play Stream. The PS5 on the other hand isn’t going to be making an appearance in terms of new info, Shawn Layden Executive Vice President for Sony announced.

Whatever happens though it’s certainly worth watching the stream, which can be viewed on the PlayStation Twitch channel tomorrow (May 9th) at 10 PM GMT.

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