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Harley Quinn Birds of Prey trailer drops to show what the ex doc is made of

Following a series of teasers and clips that you’d only get to see at the cinema, a full-length Harley Quinn Birds of Prey trailer has been revealed to show what the ex Doc is really made of. Thankfully Margot Robbie is taking back the role that she was made for as Harley Quinn along with some new entries to the streets of Gotham.

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey trailer breakdown

The Harley Quinn Birds of Prey trailer shows off Harley’s new band of girl power associates to introduce the Huntress being played by Elizabeth Winstead, Black Canary being portrayed by Jurnee Smollett-Bell, and Rosie Perez taking on the role of Renee Montaya.

One of the biggest surprises for DC fans, however, is the fact that The Joker, last played by Jared Leto is no longer matched with his partner in crime Harley Quinn. The two have broken up meaning Harley will be going it alone through Bird of Prey when it releases on February 2020. Ewan McGregor takes the role of Black Mask, and alongside his gang of brutes, he’ll be trying to take down Harley, which of course is where her girl gang comes in to provide some muscle of their own.

The original Harley Quinn Birds of Prey trailer was snapped onto the end of It Chapter 2 showings, which viewers probably found a little strange but perhaps it was the clown look of Harley’s face paint. There was definitely a reference aimed towards Pennywise as well as The Joker when she muttered the phrase that she is ”So sick of clowns” which was a cheeky little jab at the two. The initial teaser showed some lightning-fast snippets of Bird of Prey before a speed-of-light shot of Ewan McGregor placed as Black Mask, so it’s nice to finally see a meatier trailer coming to our screens.

As and when more details emerge, and the next Harley Quinn Birds of Prey trailer we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Keep your eyes on our home page!

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